Ben’s specialty is helping business owners get what they want out of their business.

Real-world Expertise. Real-life Experience.

A successful entrepreneur, Ben has been creating, supporting, and growing thriving businesses since his highschool days. As a professional engineer, he built tactical, high achieving teams to respond to emerging markets and quickly deliver innovative solutions to clients. Changing industries, he joined the leadership team of a family-owned business leading their $27 million dollar growth allowing them to successfully sell their company in 2014. During this time, Ben’s youngest child was diagnosed with a very rare disease at 2 months of age, and Ben learned by necessity the importance of structuring his time and activity around a few, non-negotiable priorities, so he could focus on what matters most in all areas of his life.

Answering the call.

Ben believes we are called to be entrepreneurs. As we responds to the call of our great Creator by seeing all of life as an enterprise transformed by His call to “Follow me,” God’s disciples count the cost, consider the risks, and set out on each day as a venture to multiply our gifts and opportunities to bring glory to God and add value to his world.

In 2011, he began his business coaching practice where he draws from his years of success and invaluable life lessons to help others get what they want out of their business. He does that by providing a simple, complete business management system that empowers leadership teams to run successful companies.

Ben’s passion.

Ben is dedicated to being a world class EOS Implementer. He has had the honor of helping 35 teams to become their best, and his core focus is to help many more. In 90 minutes he shows business owners how the system and tools will eliminate their frustrations and give them more control of their business.


“I envision a day when every business owner wakes up pumped up and excited to go work on Monday. I want them to boldly state “TGIM” instead of “TGIF.”

-Ben Goetz

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